Create custom templates

Message Templates

Create, for example, a subscriber birthday message template – this way, you only need to create one message and it will be deployed to all selected subscribers on their birthday!

Message templates are mainly used in autoresponders, where there is no editor, but can be implemented in any campaigns, including Email & SMS, A/B Campaigns and Follow Ups.

Design Templates

Design templates are a placeholder for messages, usually composed by a header and a footer.

They are useful for themed campaigns, like holliday promotions – you can create a Christmas design for a header and footer and insert them in Christmas campaigns.

External & Dynamic Content

You can’t get more personalized that this!!!

External URL

Load message content from an external URL, passing to his URL user and campaign information

Magento© tunned

Use all Magento© as expected. Include any system variables and template files.

.phtml File

Have complex needs? Ask your developers to create a custom template file and use subscriber and campaign values in those templates

Template Variations

Custom design for Customer Groups, Segments, Gender and Age.

External & Dynamic Content

Consider recurring campaigns

The recurring campaigns feature might also be a good option for the previous situation – you can create a Christmas campaign, with a defined message and design, and set it to deploy yearly, durying a specific period.

This way, you don’t have to create a new Christmas campaign every year!

explore feature
Consider recurring campaigns

Template Variables

Store Contact Information

Add any store information to your templates!

Base secure URL
Base unsecure URL
Custom contact Email 1

Custom contact name 1
Custom contact Email 2
Custom contact name 2
General contact Email
General contact name

Sales Representative contact Email
Sales Representative contact name
Store hours
Store name

Store phone number
Street address 1
Street address 2
VAT number
Zip/Postal code

Subscriber Variables

First Name
Last Name
Full Name
Unsubscription Link
Online Campaign View URL

Product Variables

Image URL

Autoresponder Variables


Review title
Review detail
Review URL

Shipment Track Code

Track code
Order ID

With an Order

Customer name
Order ID
Order created at (datetime)
Billing address
Payment details
Shipping address
Shipping description
Order items grid
Email order note