Running Options

Start & end dates

Define dates for the first and last campaign deployment so it will stop running automatically

Running times

Instead of a date, you can decide the campaign should stop running after a certain number of times

Stop sending when

We reach end date
We reach running times
We reach end date OR running times
We reach end date AND running times

Deployment Frequency

The recurring feature allows you to choose between several deployment frequency options – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

In each of these options you will be asked in which days you want the campaign to be deployed, as explained below – the yearly option will also require you to define specific months.

<b>Deployment Frequency</b>

Specific Days

If you select the daily or weekly options, you can define in which weekdays the campaign will be sent, from Sunday to Saturday.

If the campaign is to be deployed monthly or yearly, the option will be in which days of the month it shall be sent, from 1st to 31st.

Dynamic Days

Green Flying Panda also offers the dynamic days of the month option – for example, you can decide to send your campaign on the second Tuesdy or last weekday of the month – the extension will automatically translate these values to specific days!

Unique Recipient

Choose this option if you don’t want the campaign to be sent to the same recipient more than once – this is useful when sending campaigns to segments.

Dynamic Deployment & Run Around

Dynamic Deployment cannot be applied to certain new subscribers, or when there isn’t information to define a pattern or preference – that’s why we allow you to define a “round around” hour that can be applied to all remaining customers!

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Keep track of reports

Conversions, views, clicks and all stats are cumulative in recurring campaigns