Display relevant information

Info Windows are highly customizable widgets that allow you to display any additional information in your store in an easy and non- disturbing way.

Window format

Green Flying Panda presents four types of Info Windows with different functions and displays depending on their purpuse


Floating Window

This window will not force action by the user and is normally displayed in the bottom corners of the website.

It can be dismissed by clicking the ESC key or close button, if enabled by you.

Floating Window


Modal Window

Modal Window requires action by the user, either to close or click on it. It disables background and scrolling until the window is closed.

Close it by clicking on the close button, if enabled by you, outside of the windows, or by pressing the ESC key.

Modal Window


Site Bar Window

Site bar windows sit on the top or bottom of your website – you can use them to display a limited or permanent promotion, an important warning, etc.

Site Bar Window


Inline Info Block

Displays the banner content at any place in your store.

In these blocks you can insert special variables that can be replaced with actual customer information, including country, name, cart base total, etc. – if the customer is not logged in, the information will be blank.

Inline Info Block

Device view

Info Windows can be displayed on desktop, mobile or both!

Device view

Date & frequency

Define start and end dates for your Info Windows and how often each customer should view them.

Possibly on every page

At most once per session

No more than once a week

No more than once every two weeks

No more than once a month

No more than once in lifetime

Date & frequency

Customer view

Determine and customize who can see your Info Windows

Segment display

When using segments in Info Windows, you need to define the segment rule you want to use from the options below.

Show to customers in any selected segments
Show to customers in all selected segments
Exclude customers who are in any selected segments
Exclude customers who are in all selected segments

see segment conditions
Segment display


Besides segment conditions, Info Windows can be displayed based on the following attributes

Customer Location & Timezone

Current day of the week
Current geo-location – city
Current geo-location – country name
Current geo-location – region code
Current geo-location – region name
Current hour of the day

Customer Activity

Current device type
Current page views
Current store section
Current user agent (browser)

Shopping Cart Attributes

Shopping cart subtotal
Shopping cart weight
Current product price + shopping cart subtotal
Current product weight + shopping cart weight

URL Attributes

Current referrer URL
Current URL

There is also the option of displaying Info Windows to customers only, guests or both.