Determine the most successful version of your campaign!

Wondering which Email campaign title will be more positively embraced by your customers? Just follow these steps.

Send both options

Determine a percentage of customers to send test titles A and B to.

Decide on the winning version

Track their stats and choose based on the most views, clicks, conversions or manually.

Wait for success!

Now that you know what the preferred campaign is, you can send it to all remaining customers or chosen segments.

Market testing with your actual customers gives you real results

General theories don’t necessarily apply to your clients. A/B campaigns tell you what your customers want, which can ultimately determine your campaigns’ success or failure.

Easy to read

We display both campaign versions’ number of views, clicks and conversions side by side so you can compare customers response in real-time!

Sending Options

Deploy date of test campaigns
Send General campaign after X days
Percentage of customers to send test campaign to
Send to segments

Testing Options

Sender + Subject
Sender + Message
Subject + Message
Sender + Subject + Message