What are autoresponders?

Autoresponders are chained actions that are triggered by customer or subscriber activity. You can define and customize these actions and time them to fit into your needs.

In Green Flying Panda, the autoresponder feature functions in a dynamic way – you can drag actions into any position and order, which allows you to create very specific autoresponders.

You can also apply them to certain segments only!

What are autoresponders?


Listed below are the various actions that set off autoresponders.

Customer Actions and Attributes

Autoresponders can be triggered by any of these actions.

Customer Birthday

Send your customers special coupons or promotions on their birthday!

Last store Activity

Create autoresponder that shows them certain products related to their recent views or searches!

Signup & Login

Special promotions or messages can be displayed only when customers login to your store!

Orders Information

Once again, any of these actions will trigger your customized autoresponders.

New order

Order status changes

Bought specific product

Expected Product Lifespan Reached

Define the expected lifespan of products to predict when your customer will repurchase!

Based on this prediction, you can send autoresponders a certain amount of days before the lifespan is reached so your customers will be reminded to replace the product!

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Create an autoresponder for when an abandoned cart appears to increase its recovery!

You can also send unique coupons with expiration dates to emphasize purchase urgency!

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Other Triggers


Clicked any campaign link
Clicked specific campaign link


New form entry


Internal events dispatched


New review
Status changed to approved
Review on a bought product


New search


Shipment with tracking number
Shipment without tracking number

UTM Campaigns

URL detected

Chained Actions

So what can autoresponders do!?

Get an Email or SMS notification when some event occurs

Send Email or SMS Campaigns

Wait a specific amount of time before step into the next action

Build a condition to be checked

Update Customer or Subscriber information


Cancel Subscriber’s Subscription

Add to or remove from segment

Other Features

Green Flying Panda features fallback protection rules so you don’t send duplicated or inconvenient information to your customers.

Cancel Autoresponders

Chained actions can be stopped by certain events.
For example, if a customer completes an order, autoresponders of an abandoned cart will be cancelled.

Send Only Once

Send autoresponder only once to the same subscriber.
It’s important to control your communication – sending repeated messages to one subscriber may cause desinterest!

Cancel Queueing

Cancel queueing campaigns to the subscriber if an order is created. Imagine your customer just purchased a product you were about to send a campaign for – they will not want to see that the product is now cheaper!

Show your customers what they really want to see!