Improve customer loyalty!

Based on all the information about the customer and their store activity, you can define custom prices per customer – this is an important feature to show your stores’ appreciation of your customers and improve their loyalty!

With dynamic product pricing, you can determine different prices for each customer, segment or customer group.

Define formulas based on product and customer attributes, KPI’s and even sales stats.

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Prices per Customer

Associate product price formulas to a customer to alter all product prices for that customer.
Import static Customer prices using a file or API

Price per Product

Associate formulas to a specific product – the product will have different prices depending on the customer!

Price per Segment

If you create segments based on your clients’ average purchase amount or store loyalty, for example, you might want to define custom prices for those segments only.

With Segment Pricing, you can set different product prices for each segment dynamically by determining a price or percentage!