Appreciate your customer

As a big company, the best way you can acknowledge your customers is by creating campaigns – promotions, coupons, special prices for frequent customers.
And, of course, customize them! Personalized communication equals better results.

So, what are your options?

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are the cheapest option and can be very effective when done right. You can define different design templates depending on your target audience, incorporate forms, and insert automatic personal recommendations to each customer.

SMS Campaigns

Although much costlier than Emails, SMS campaigns can make all the difference. They present similar features, whereby the choice really depends on your target subscribers’ interests and attributes, like age or even contact preference.

Keep track of your conversions

Conversions are the sales amount generated by each campaign, determined by the number of purchases made after clicking its link.

Keeping track of these numbers is crucial to understand each campaign’s progress and adapt it according to its response!

Collect and automatically update subscriber information.

Use Dynamic Deployment!

If your customer’s usage rule matches a certain hour in the afternoon, schedule your Emails for that time to ensure they don’t miss the campaign!

There is a span of up to 24 hours if this option is enabled – campaigns will appear as queued until they are sent.

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Set automatically recurring campaigns

Just define the sending dates and frequency and let Green Flying Panda do the work!

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Send Follow Ups

Follow Ups are attached to any non-recurring campaigns. Use them to engage your subscribers based on segments or their action towards the original campaign.

Send to subscribers who

Opened the message
Didn’t Open the message
Clicked on the message
Didn’t click on the message
Made a purchase
Didn’t make a purchase

Send after X days

Determine how many days after the campaign deployment the Follow Up should be sent.

Show your customers what they really want to see!

Campaign Reports

Green Flying Panda presents a series of detailed reports to help you make key-decisions regarding campaigns. All the information provided by the reports is in real time!

Reports Information

This feature presents a summary of your campaign and how it did, giving you an overview of its conversions, clicks, opens, messages sent, etc.

Other Reports

You can also see specific reports by countries, regions, dates, apps used, links clicked and conversions.