Take action!

Take action!

Now that you’ve acquired countless information about your customers and segmented them accordingly, what’s the next step?

Having access to detailed customer data gives your company a lot of potential, but it’s crucial to know what to do with this knowledge so you don’t waste it!

So, what do we do? Customize, of course!


Create and customize campaigns to show your investment in your customers!

Email & SMS Campaigns

Send Email and SMS campaigns to customers or subscribers.

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A/B Campaigns

Determine the most successful version of your campaign.

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Automate – define chained actions to be triggered by customer activity.

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Dynamic Pricing

Define custom prices using real values or percentages

Price per customer

Set custom prices per customer according to their store activity and attributes

Price per product

Define custom prices for each product in your store depending on their performance

Price per segment

Set different prices for each segment

Add forms to any blocks and pages!

Improve your relationship with your customers – let them decide what information they want to receive, how and when.

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Display relevant information with Info Windows

Info Windows are highly customizable widgets that allow you to display any additional information in your store in an easy and non- disturbing way.

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Know your subscribers

Easily access all subscribers’ information

Add extra fields to subscribers’ profiles to suit their interests, preferences or any other aspect!

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Green Flying Panda supports tags

Tags can be added to subscribers, autoresponders, Email & SMS campaigns and A/B campaigns!