The E-Commerce rigidity 

Having a place where we can present our products and/or services to the entire world and immediately start making business is the main advantage of e-commerce platforms. The flexibility and increasing number of features brought to the market in recent years significantly reduced the number of specificities and necessities required by companies to be developed by third-party companies. We don’t have to adapt to the e-commerce platform – the platform must adapt to our needs.   Read more

Let’s make an experiment!? No! 

An online store platform development and implementation must be considered as an integral part of your company and business model. Two means to the same end. No channel should be valued more than the other. They are all part of the company and all strategic decisions should contemplate all sales channels. Read more

Keep it simple. Automate 

It’s true that more and more we need to answer to the individual instead of the group. There is no reason why we should send a message at 9 am when the customer prefers to receive it by the late afternoon. Or during weekends. Why should we send a campaign about a product to a customer who is simply not interested in, or is not part of the target market for it? Read more

Internationalization is not localization

A common mistake made by a significant portion of those who think to create an online sales platform is that internationalization is merely the translation of the product description for different languages and activate the platform translation. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Read more

How to increase your sales

Analysis & Reaction. Two simple words that many companies tend to ignoreThe best way to increase your sales is to analyse the data your platform gives you and act upon it. Read more

Have a plan 

 We all have ideas. Some might be good and a few brilliant. But how to go from an idea to reality?  Read more


Delegate. Seriously.  

There is nothing more frustrating than to deal with companies where every employee decision is dependent on a head nod or emails from his director. Non-delegation operations, no matter how simple they are, foment an inoperative culture that is no longer compatible with the reality of the current market.   Read more

Know your numbers

On-line sales performances’ evaluations can’t be restricted to global values. Of course they play a vital role in global appreciation, but today’s technology already allows us to make decisions regarding price changes, promotions, content organization and presentation in a more segmented way. Read more