Define goals

Define objetives and keep track of their progress!

Goals can refer to conversions, views, clicks, number of subscribers and form entries.

They can be applied to specific segments, campaigns, forms, or in a global way.

Conversions – Global
Conversions – Segment
Conversions – Campaign
Views – Global
Views – Segment
Views – Campaign
Clicks – Global
Clicks – Segment
Clicks – Campaign
Subscribers – Global
Subscribers – Segment
Subscribers – Form
Entries – Form

Define Expected Variation

When defining a goal, you can choose its name, description, start and end date, and variation from the current value, formulated as below.

10 – Expects final number to be 10
15 – Expects final number to be increased by 15
20 – Expects final number to be decreased by 20
25 – Expects final number to be increased by 25%
30 – Expects final number to be decreased by 30%

<b>Define Expected Variation</b>

Goal Records

To keep track of your progress, you can always consult each goal’s records. There you can have an overview of all the settings you specified and your current progress in comparassing to the goal you defined.

Original Value

Value before the goal is defined

Current Value

Updated daily, but can be refreshed at any time

Expected Value

Value to achieve

Easily interpret your goals’ status

Goals’ “Results” collumn will change color and tag according to its status.

Standing By

Waiting for the goal’s deploy date.


When the Results collumn is “Running”, its background will change color depending on its progress.
Red – low completion
Orange – medium completion
Green – high completion


Deadline is reached – goal can either be Accomplished or Failed.