Do you offer trial?

Yes, when you subscribe, you will get a 60-day trial. Only after that period you will be charged for the first month.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Most features will stop working within 24 hours. No campaigns will be sent or reports build. No data will be deleted.

Do you send information to your servers?

 No. At any time we send customer, orders, products, reports, campaign contents or any other information related to your store to our servers. If you enabled bug reporting, we send the report anonymized

Is the code obfuscated?

No. The code has zero obfuscation techniques. It’s 100% clear, readable open-source. You are not allowed to redistribute it.

Can I use it in more than one installation?

A valid license is required for every server IP used

I’m an agency, do I have to buy a license for each customer?

Yes. We do offer discounts for 10 & more licenses